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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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words] >> it's national spelling bee time. good morning washington at 6:00 starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. glad you are with us on this wednesday morning. a nice view of the monument. wednesday, may 30. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. great to have you with us. we start with traffic and weather. in a moment, but first adam caskey. >> not a bad start to the day. just a few lights sprinkles, especially in lower southern maryland. majority of the is this morning if. think we will break into sunshine around lunchtime. a stray showers this afternoon. will be drying up later on. there's charles, calvert, mary's counties all seeing light rain the southwest to the northeast. the potomac from the northern virginia into a saint county and crossing the
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river into calvert county. few 70-degree readings. 62 in leesburg, 65 in 65 ington, virginia, bethesda. high temperatures 82 degrees dropping.ity will become senate around lunchtime. a stray showers later on this afternoon. >> we will start with the drones now used reconnaissance in afghanistan possibly flying over northern virginia if. mcdonnell thinks be an asset in our region. brianne carter joins us to tell they could be used >> good morning. that's right. the governor now says he in northern virginia itr the next couple years could be the criteria to use drones to monitor the roads and other areas.
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he says he believes the idea great.e new support for additional eyes in the sky to fight crime. >> i think it's great to use technology to make law- more productive, manpower, and safer. we use it on the battlefield. virginia governor bob became the latest virginia leader to support police using drones. >> i believe if you are keeping officers safe and making productive and saving using this in a special weapons operations like we did in the battlefield, absolutely worth it. >> the unmanned aircraft have by the military overseas. over the past few months there's using themalk about in the commonwealth. the police chiefs of fairfax also endorsede the idea. however, residents have mixed whether it's right
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to add this new technology. >> i would probably be with ok it. would want to know more details. intrusive.s thate of the other issues about is them talk issue of privacy. is something the governor said would have to be addressed. he believes in maintaining civil if these were put into place. nothis point he says there's has been put on his desk to talk about this. just knows that virginia law looking into all options. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. to use droneslan to enforce traffic in fairfax county. the fairfax county police chief told our news partners earlier that the unmanned aircraft could be used to observe traffic backups in the area. members of congress a using drawings could constitute an invasion of privacy >> . a police officer has been
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charged with murder in a well- case we told you about in february. the culpeper officers accused of an unarmed woman inside her car. live in culpeper with new developments. john.s about this, >> this is a case that rattled community in culpeper, virginia. two different stories. of them by witnesses and the other by a police officer. this morning, culpeper county police officer daniel harmon- wright has been indicted, killingof shooting and old patricia cook, a driver people over earlier this year. initial report stated that she shot the driver side window of the uniformed officers arm. he claimed he fired his gun after being trapped and dragged. late last night the special investigative grand jury case,ced that was not the charging the officer with one murder and malicious of shooting into an occupied vehicle. month, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed on
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husband. the woman's >> the terms "trapped and drag" ged" were not terms i would've used based upon the evidence. >> while this officer is being mother,hout bond, his old bethany sullivan has arrested, charged with documents and increasing if whileminal record the secretary for the police chief in culpeper. a criminal record that includes woman in 2008. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7. >> a metro employee fighting for after being hit by a train yesterday. the 28-year veteran of the was struck at a thetenance facility near city grove metro station. before 1:00 yesterday intonoon a train pulled the yard where cars are washed who to as aemployee mechanic.
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part of his leg. passengers have been taken by this incident. my heart goes out to the but metro is definitely not say if. it's not safe for employees. imagine for the customers. >> you take your life into your hands every time. new metro leadership is improve the safety culture in the company. >> new details in the maryland railroad car scandal. ordered themge has to pay the state more than $1 million. he was convicted earlier this conspiracy charges related to the robocalls. recording urged black voters not vote inome and november 2010 gubernatorial race. be sentenced in two weeks. >> a component in the showdown sex marriage in maryland. have submitted signatures aimed at the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. leaders for the marylanders -- for the maryland alliance.
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election officials have 20 days to validate the signatures. >> tributes continue for d.c. musical legend chuck brown. public viewing was held yesterday for the man known as the "godfather of go-go." >> it took place at the howard theatre. fansas were banned, but him in a gold casket dressed signature black suit, hat, and sunglasses. former band members were among the visitors. >> among oil service tomorrow until 3:00 p.m. at the center,on convention open to the public. it is 68 degrees in la plata, maryland. --still ahead >> it probably was not the >> a marriage proposal goes terribly wrong. ring rightoses the the pressure is on.
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she is unbelievable. a 6-year-old from the area competing in the national spelling bee. >> lisa baden has another check your wedn
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from washington, d.c. on the susanking komen what race for the cure 2, 2012. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning to all of you. good luck in that walk. the story is kind of funny in retrospect. was an engagement that almost
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never was. this happening. the groom to be lost the ring in the sand. he buried it on a florida beach was a uniquehought proposal. was ready to pop the question, he could not find it, so the two started digging. it. lost it's gone. not very smart. i would not recommend doing something so risky. correct the lifeguard and beachgoers pitched in. then two hours later, a metal detector saved the day. >> here is a gentleman who says was not the smartest idea the world. he is a brain surgeon, literally. not come up with a better idea. they were smart enough to front came out withwho a metal detector. >> that was memorable. >> visiting florida from
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colorado ann stock had a unique story. now they're making headlines. the temperatures on the beach are good, but we had some rain if.night over an inch in many locations, especially northwest of washington. here's a live look at chesapeake beach. at thelook closely marina, you can see it's raining. there's light rain falling. looks like somebody got a new boatlift. clearing in the distance. here's a look at live super doppler 7 radar. there it was. issues with the clicker. light rain in st. mary's county, charles county, showers moving from the southwest to northeast this morning if. otherwise, near 80 degrees for the high temperature, slight chance of a late-day showers today mixed with sunshine. perfect thursday, bright
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sunny, 80 degrees, low humidity. temperatures dropping a little more into the weekend. there could be another round of storms latestrong lingering into early saturday. we will have a look at doppler in a few minutes. now to lisa. >> a beautiful trip for the most part. in good shape around the beltway. travel working in our favor. 95, 66, 95. typical volume out of waldorf brandywine and route 4 force baserews air to the suitland parkway. newschopper 7 looking at a collision at the exit for holy hospital. this is georgia avenue no. of road.ltway at forest glen you can see the top from the scene. avenue isn of georgia affected. traffic will stay to the far right to get by. back to the news desk. >> 6:13, 64 degrees in hindsville. coming up, facebook freefall. highly anticipated stop slipping
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>> this is "good morning ."shington >> a local girl is participating in the national spelling bee. greg jummy olabanji joins us wherehe national harbor bee starts at 8:00. >> thank you, steve. madison, just six old, at the age of two brothers said she started to read. people been impressing ever since. pressing even more on a national stage today. most of us cannot even say words
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this long, let alone spell them. but 6-year-old lori anne madison's spelling skills have landed her a spot as one of 278 in the national spelling bee. >> i have a pretty normal life. i like to play if. >> but this bouncing little blonde is also very special. is the youngest person to the nationalfor spelling bee. will be competing against contestants twice age. >> honestly, it is not as big as -- and i am not really excited like i am going to the national spelling bee! i'm more like, it's fine. >> win or lose, it's probably girl hasay this little a big future. says that she wants to be an and has plans of being an olympic swimmer. all the media coverage, autographs, and interviews, she without it. do >> too much of it is really overwhelming. fine, but not too many.
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i hope this is going to be my last one. >> we're not sure if it's going one, because if the nextqualify for round, i'm sure there will be more media interviews. the first round begins later morning at the gaylord national. if she moves on, then tomorrows finals will be broadcast on espn. jummy olabanji reporting from harbor. >> thanks so much. we are pulling for her. of the worst schools in d.c. has big reasons to be proud. high school is now graduating 79% of its seniors, two thirds of them headed to college. three years ago only 57% graduated with very few be accepted into college. now seniors with a class of 2012 the nextre ready for life, something they owe to their high school. >> you feel like they're prepared you well?
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>> yes, especially for college. they made sure we are going to some plansyou have after graduation. >> yesterday at the signing day ceremony, students got a visit monogram, that is winfrey's boyfriend. first lady michelle obama has recently sung the schools praises, commending them on turnaround. a great story. the value dropping for blackberry and facebook. here is rob nelson with more. >> facebook's freefall. the social network's stock is $30, a drop of 24% since ipo earlier this month. is a member the ceo list in thest world, fortune. colleges are using pavement to disburse aid and they
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fees. blackberry plans to lay off thousands of workers. it once dominated the smartphone market. if you would like to start your cocktail of mountain a fast-orange juice, food restaurant is expanding into breakfast. >> let's take a look at traffic every ten >> what's going on, on the roads? >> an accident. we will go to newschopper 7. crash happened outside the beltway. northbound georgia avenue after near forest glen road, the turn that would take = = --hold a holy cross hospital. traffic stay to the right. on the left isthe lef
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southbound. that will slow briefly to look this headed towards silver wheaton.aving >> adam caskey is back. >> we had heavy rainfall coming with a thunderstorm warnings. few lights pringles today. a little bit of sunshine later on today. just a few light sprinkles today. transitioning. nothing but sunshine tomorrow. a perfect thursday. here's what i want to point out, of orange and red in the screen inyour northern virginia. usually you see the red, yellow, orange to indicate heavy rain. not rainfall right now. is just ground clutter that up.radar is picking that's from the ridgetops and trees and buildings. but this is rain shown in light in southernllow maryland especially from calvert county
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southward through all of st. mary's county, now moving out charles county, still light in the northern neck of virginia as well. light rain moving off to the northeast. montgomery county, one little through bel pre road at 182. almost in the olney area, just one sprinkle in montgomery county. of rainfallterms right now. germantown, 1.9 rain measured by our weatherbug network. there's tropical depression expected to is become tropical storm beryl as skims along the north carolina coast later today. sea.will be pushed out to the cold front moved through the just in time and sweep all of it out to see later on today. temperatures in the '60s. the two in martinsburg, 70 downtown, at 82 degrees for the
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high temperature. some sunshine today, but don't put the umbrella away. near 80 tomorrow, sunny, perfect with low humidity. be storms late friday. eye on it.p an >> thanks so much. 6:22, 67 degrees on this wednesday of. >> nutritional power punch still give you a pot belly. 7 on your side about overheating a popular healthy snack. >>
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>> fewer people are purges komeng in the susan g. cure. race for the organizers expect a significant in people for the cancer what this weekend, after a decision earlier this by the foundation to cut screening grants to planned parenthood, which also provides abortions. most cities have seen their participation drop by one-third. in d.c. about 25,000 people have far.tered so that is down significantly. to watch our race for the cure special that airs 8:00 right here on abc 7. >> are you looking for ways to summer?n this you may need to find an to chips and pretzels. dietitians say look no further. nuts may be just what your body needs. heart health the fats, carbohydrates, and protein.
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walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, the savers' tax pack a powerful nutritional punch. >> all nodes are a great source of facts, but they have a slightly different nutrient profile. almonds are a great source of fiber, calcium, magnesium. pistachios, fiber. and fiber walnuts, a great of omega three fatty acids. >> the registered dietitian says nutrients make the nets a snack, but they are high calories, making portion control a must. enjoy them by the handful and canful.he >> she suggests eating some every day as part of a well- balanced diet. say drawlabels that raw.oasted or >> make sure to limit the to no more than two butter.ons of nut
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make sure the label has no added nuts.ients, only for the label to just say or peanuts versus added fats.or just help with a weight management. products havesuch inn linked to a reduced risk heart disease and certain cancers. >> and aspirin a day could decrease your chance of getting skin cancer. researchers found people includingainkillers, aspirin and ibuprofen, or less to develop malignant melanoma. aspirin targets of pacific that may reduce cancer risks. specific enzyme. for the more common forms of cancer, the risk was the who did or did not take painkillers. coming up on this wednesday --
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>> it cuts down on manpower in the air and it is safer. >> from the battlefield to the traffic zone. new calls for using military machinery to enforce local traffic. >> and a culpeper county police officers charged with murder. i am john gonzalez. a live report is straight ahead. >> it is still damp outside. we will look at live super doppler 7 and talk about light and how temperatures are ♪
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. count number one, murder. >> straight ahead, shocking developments in a closely watched police involved shooting in virginia for. the officer involved is charged with murder. >> so was his mother. surprising details in the deadly
6:32 am
collision over virginia. learned about the pilots. good morning, washington. wednesday, may 30. i am pamela brown. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and as we do every 10 minutes. first,., >> it's a great start. a live picture in fairfax low cloud deck and a here and showers there. rain is inthe southern maryland. we all got heavy rain yesterday. klaus be over fairfax right now, 64 degrees. there is one sprinkled along the prince william parkway in prince william county. calvert counties, organized train crossing the from virginia on maryland and marching to the northeast. we will see sunshine later on today. should reach about 82. say goodbye to 90 degrees. that's in the past. will be around 80 the foreseeable future. degrees around the
6:33 am
district, 63n the hagerstown, 73 with light rain in lexington park. a little sunshine around lunchtime. stray showers this afternoon if. have the umbrella handy. you will need it possibly. >> be patient if you are taking the suitland parkway if. collision in bounds at avenue, only one lane getting by. take you to newschopper 7, at a crash on georgia avenue. is the beltway at georgia avenue. that is moving nicely. collision was northbound after the beltway. assured, the beltway looks now around right holy cross hospital. problems to or from the american legion bridge. loving that. >> thanks so much. we continue with a bombshell in a high-profile police shooting. local officer charged in the of an unarmed culpeper woman and his mother is charged, something >> john gonzalez is live in culpeper with details unfolding
6:34 am
the communityt with for quiteg some time now. >> yes, a bombshell. folks in culpeper, virginia will tell you they're not exactly hear what this announcedosecutor late last night. always had two stories. them by witnesses and the by this culpeper county police officer. this morning that officer, wright, hason- indicted, charged with shooting 54-year-old patricia driver that he pulled year.arlier this hetial reports were that fired his gun after being trapped and drag. a grand jury said that was not case, charging him with one of murder and malicious shooting into an occupied vehicle. earlier this month, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed on of gary cook, patricia's
6:35 am
husband. always maintained the officer's story was a fabrication. with the officer being held his 55-year-old haser, bethany sullivan, charged withested, documents and increasing son's criminal record while the secretary for the alice chief in culpeper, criminal record that included 2008.ting a woman in reporting live in culpeper, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. we are learning more about a marine corporal charged killing a navy petty barracks room in fort myers. documents state that jorge torrez strangled amanda snell in then stuffed her body inside a locker. he has already been sentenced to two life terms in separate attacks in arlington and was month withlier this killing two girls from illinois in 2005. pilot in aiving
6:36 am
crash over fauquier county if is a senior faa investigator. the 70-year-old landed his engine piper aircraft at monday after plane in with another mid-air. registered to an employee with the national transportation safety board. that pilot and passenger in that plane died. given the size to the ntsb and faa, the canadian transportation safety board will now conduct into that mid-on air collision. >> local governor throws his controversial a use of military drones. virginia governor bob mcdonnell them for local law enforcement. brianne carter joins us live with his comments. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. governor bob mcdonnell speaking out on wtop, saying over the next couple years he believes drones could be the right thing to do. many in thee of area throwing their support behind the drones in the commonwealth. while he is open to looking into
6:37 am
new technology that could officers saved comic more effective, .nd save money usehink it's great to technology to make law- more productive, cut on manpower in the air, and safe.ore that's why we use it on the battlefield. >> a number of virginia issuents have raised the of privacy. governor addressed yesterday, saying that l be something to address, maintainre they can civil liberties. fairfax weeks ago talked about to perhaps monitor backups. the governor says there's no in place, but he knows enforcement is looking into all options. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. >> new developments from the
6:38 am
campaign trail this morning where republican presidential coming mitt romney is a big win. he was declared the winner of texaspublican primary in last night. gives him an of delegates the republican presidential nomination. from "politico" joins us. happy wednesday. >> hello. it's over. the republican primary is finally officially over. romney. it's been a combination of a journey for mitt romney that started in 2006 that inspired wjla. [unintelligible] . the fund-raising has been going on for quite awhile. he does not have any more serious republican presidential
6:39 am
primary,s in his own but it is an important milestone for him personally. now we can formally get on with business of the general election. next your partners have a story about beillion dollars likely to in the general election by the gop. is heald trump helping or a porn in the side of romney? >> it will be interesting to see how romney will approach the situation. indicates how mitt romney might be as a president. will he be able to deal with own party who in a way thathim more forceful or will he step back and say i cannot control the people will support me? it seems that mitt romney is not going to be what to sayld trump as he disavows donald
6:40 am
more extreme views on president of united states was born. >> thank you. >> 67 degrees on this wednesday. >> we have more coming up. a life-size chessboard popping up in the region. a and a unique way to get one-of-a-kind playhouse while helping those in need. we will talk to the organizers. first, traffic and weather every
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>> welcome back. traffic and weather every ten minutes. we start with adam caskey on morning.esday this is from the rooftop camera, looking over the federal city. showers have rain locally. maryland atsouthern this time. look at super doppler radar. a stretch of showers from virginia, crossing the potomac mary's, calvert, stretching northward on the eastern shore, route 50 on the eastern shore as well, even cambridge has light rain. that will persist through the theing, pushing to northeast slowly. degrees downtown. 59 in cumberland, 63 in hagerstown, 72 in lexington park with light rain. afternoon.
6:44 am
90.goodbye to close to 80 degrees the next with lower humidity levels. will notice that dropping. 30% chance of a late-day showers today. not expecting thunderstorms, just a pop-up shower this afternoon mixed in with. with bright and sunny on thursday, near 80 with low humidity, perfect. now to lisa baden for the commute. will do is hit the 270.and look at there's just been a collision near montgomery blocking thee, of germantown to get into gaithersburg. idea of the pace of traffic with this complication on the highway. was a crash on georgia avenue north bound after the beltway. that out of the road. one more thing, the suitland parkway, in down collision at naylor venue before road. out of southern maryland into
6:45 am
d.c., plan accordingly. back to you. >> thank you. 6:45 on this wednesday. >> we continue after the
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6:47 am
>> local businesses and community groups are teaming up need inthose in montgomery county. the playhouse project is off one of the kind playhouses tomorrow. are on display right now at the shops on wisconsin avenue in northwest. are elaborate. aboutis with us to talk it. tell me about the playhouses and the significance behind them. >> it is in support of rebuilding together. we are helping elderly, disabled need stay in their
6:48 am
homes, warm, safe, and dry. we came up with a concept, we went to a number of builders in community and ask them if interested.e are really lucky to have a great of contractors ready to and help out. >> we are looking at the video of them now. elaborate.ery are eight of them. tell me about the auction tomorrow night, where people can buy these playhouses. >> it is tomorrow night at 7:33 jonica 30 at wisconsin place, and it is catered. rain or shine, we will have a big tent. local restaurants are catering. there will be wine and beer and quartet, i believe. a professional auctioneer, an emcee. we hope to get some folks that out and get a great in their backyard. >> you are asking for community donations as well so playhouse donated.
6:49 am
>> yes, we are donating one playhouse to walter reed hospital. we are supporting that with a gift baskets over $6,000 worth of gifts in it and we are raffling for that basket, $10 3 for $25. if someone does not need to play out, and wants to help byy can participate raffle tickets for the gift basket. sounds good. luck to you tomorrow night. >> thanks very much if. for more on the playhouse projects, log on to our website, >> a life-size chess game is attracting people to college park, maryland. the giant pieces are part of an revitalize downtown college park. to gets leaders hope folks intrigued and in return boost some business. looking forward to drawing big crowds. the university of maryland college students nearby say that
6:50 am
outdoor check game sounds -- chess game.a >> let's check on the road with lisa baden. >> nobody is saying checkmate, but we all feel like pawns in the game. all i know. too intellectual for me. i'm a checkers person. let's go to the highway. first, we are going aloft to an now on the right 70 nearr, southbound 2 montgomery village avenue. traffic there. we love virginia. nothing major report. 66, 95, beautiful on 395 at boulevard. inside. >> wednesday morning. today, heavy rain yesterday, in --ece pringles this morning a few lingering sprinkles today
6:51 am
in the evening. there will be low humidity tomorrow, seasonable, comfortable. say goodbye to 90 degrees. that's all the way through the foreseeable future. much cooler. 50 shades of gray over arlington early this morning. nothing but cloud cover. meanwhile, let's head to western maryland, a good amount of sunlight to start .our day that is frostburg state university. in lowernt story maryland, mary's 235 singhint lookout, thet rain moving from southwest to northeast. the showers are following each other off to the northeast, clipping 7 calvert county as well. continue through the early morning. then we will get some sunshine areacross the viewing later on. around lunchtime,
6:52 am
expecting some sunshine. we cannot rule out a stray showers later on today. there is the cold front that few hours ago. that will move the remnants of their roll out to sea. continue told strengthen later today and beryl onceical storm as it skims across the north carolina coast. not affect our weather. the 70 degrees downtown, 82 this sunshine.with that will be mixed with sunshine. later today we could have an showers, not even a thunderstorm, just a brief sprinkle. night we could have another round of strong storms. back to you. >> thank you. 6:52 is the time. >> glad you're with us on this wednesday morning. more after
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6:55 am
>> coming up, new details on the case and the man who confessed to killing the young years ago. the suspect's sister speaking she warned police brother. did the police dropped the ball? lyso, the most ridiculous li photogenic girl. on goodll up next morning america. correct that's coming up in a moment. weather.t's check the >> it's a traditional day.
6:56 am
>> goodbye, and 90s. high temperatures from today willgh early next week to 82.rom 76 otherwise, isolated showers later today. beter chance of what could friday andms late lingering into early saturday. saturday will be a pretty nice with a pleasant weekend. temperatures. maybe a few degrees below average by the weekend. right now we have clouds and a showers lingering over maryland. st. mary's, calvert, northern neck of virginia. that will move away and we will slowly if break into sunshine later on today. i did a 5k yesterday and it humid.y i tried to work out. >> it is 6:56. this wednesday morning. this[ male announcer ] itould be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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